Winter property maintenance tips

gutter maintenance

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It’s time for business owners and homeowners to turn their attentions to some pre-winter property maintenance checks.

With winter calling, it won’t be long until the freeze arrives. The time to ensure your property is up to withstanding the ravages of the cold season is now not after you have the problem.

Ensuring your property’s roof, drainpipes, grids and windows are in good repair is essential to your property maintenance. 

Looking after your property inside & out

Condensation & Mould

  • Many people keep the heating off for long periods either to try to save money, or because they don’t use the system properly. A cold house with steam from baths and showers as well as cooking, can cause condensation, which quickly develops into nasty, and harmful, black mould spores. Keeping the house warm will help prevent this, as well as ensuring the perils of frozen pipes don’t cause an even more costly problem.


  • Gutter maintenance – Keep a lookout for blockages in guttering and downpipes which could cause excess water to run down the side of the property creating damp spots, and if left untreated can cause major damage to your property.

Lag those Pipes

  • Thoroughly check the pipework in your property for any signs of damage or cracking.

Even if you spot a minor defect, follow up by inviting an expert for a second opinion and if some work needs to be completed, get it done now. Pipe problems not remedied are a recipe for disaster in the event of a big freeze. Once you are happy that your pipes are in sound condition, get them lagged to prevent them from freezing.

Service your Boiler

  • One of the most expensive breakdowns during the winter is a boiler malfunction. The key here is regular maintenance and servicing, so if your boiler hasn’t had a service for a while, get one done as soon as you can. This will this save you money in the long term. 

Clear your Guttering

  • Winter storms leave a trail of fallen leaves, twigs, branches and other detritus in guttering and downpipes. If rain water has nowhere to go due to blockages, it will opt for the side of your property, which can cause major damage and damp problems. Call in an expert to clear your guttering and downpipes before the weather gets colder.

Up on the Roof

  • Broken roof tiles are unfortunately a strong possibility during winter storms. Before the weather gets colder, call in a professional to examine your roof for broken or damaged tiles.

A leaking roof can take time to show itself through damage so it’s worth checking it out. If having your gutters cleared, the gutter team might be able to access any roof damage and let you know if they see any major problems.

Sweep the Fireplace

  • Chances are your fireplace has not seen any action during spring or summer. With that in mind, it’s worth having it serviced. There is a possibility that debris may have built up and this could make the fire unsafe. Carbon Monoxide fumes and chimney fires are a major hazard so calling in an expert for a sweep through really is a must at this time of year before you get that fire roaring.

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by Bernadette Kyriacou