Tips and Tricks for Streak Free Windows
Tips and Tricks for Streak Free Windows

Tips and Tricks for Streak Free Windows. It’s not easy to achieve streak free windows, but if you want to do a job right, then here’s some tips!

People spend too much time spraying and wiping their windows, only to find when they have finished cleaning the windows look just the same as when they started. You need to have the correct tools and use the best cleaning methods for the job in hand.

To be completely honest leaving it to the professionals is the best way and much faster, but when money is tight and you’re a lover of all DIY, then doing your windows yourself is fun. I think!

The best time to clean your Windows

A dull cloudy day is always best, although most people think a sunny day would be perfect, as you can see the dirt more easily. However, the problem is the Sun as the windows dry too fast leaving residue and streaks. On a cloudy day the cleaning solution will stay wet until wiped to a shine, leaving your windows streak free.

Always Clean from top to Bottom

  • Its logical to clean from top to bottom because the cleaning liquid will drip downwards, as soon as it touches the glass. This is actually an advantage as the window cleaning fluid will drip down to the areas you haven’t washed yet. As you work your way down the window you will have no drips on the glass, that has already been perfectly cleaned.

Using a Squeegee

Using  the best tool for the job can make so much difference and a squeegee is a tough one to beat, as it’s a great tool, when used properly. Sometimes when using cloths the first wipe is not great and you have to wipe it again, and this is when you get streaks. Using a squeegee tool is much better and the correct tool for cleaning windows. A good long handled or extendable squeegee is a must, especially if you have large tall windows plus, you can use the same tool for cleaning shower screens.

Dirty Window Corners

  • It’s a tough one no matter how hard you try, residue seems to build up in the corners of the window glass, and it can be very difficult to clean unless you have the right tool. You can use cotton swabs for cleaning the corners. They are a perfect size and work really well.

Using Old Rags (T-Shirts)

  • Using old t-shirts is perfect for cleaning window glass because they won’t leave residue and they are very absorbent and great for getting a shiny finish. Plus we all have old t-shirts hiding somewhere.

Try Making your Own Homemade Cleaner

  • Homemade cleaner can do a great job and are very economical. To create your own glass cleaner, mix together 1 cup rubbing alcohol, 1 cup water, and 1 tablespoon vinegar. Using isopropyl alcohol and white vinegar together makes a quickly evaporating spray glass and mirror cleaner that competes with many commercial brands. You can also use the same cleaner to shine to hard tiles, chrome, and other surfaces.

Using Old Newspapers

  • Newspaper has been used to clean windows for years. It does work very well, but many people don’t like getting newsprint on their hands and the paper gets wet. I wouldn’t suggest newspaper, but if you’re not getting the look you want when using a cloth; newspaper is worth a try.

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By Bernadette Kyriacou