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School, College, Uni Window Cleaning 10% OFF

Don’t miss out on this fabulous 10% OFF Window Cleaning special offer for Schools, Colleges and Universities.

Make the learning day brighter with bright sparkling windows, that let the light shine through.  We all know that dirty windows show bad housekeeping and educational buildings are a place that people study for many hours and value as a place of high standards. We know Schools are big buildings and have many windows, which means they attract dust and dirt all year round from all the elements of the seasons and the weather.  Dirty windows is not a good look when presenting a School or any educational building, so make your School building a place to enjoy the view and study.

With our special offer you can save money and get a professional window cleaning service. We have been cleaning school windows for many years and know just what is needed and we can work around the hours that are best for you and school hours. If you call us for a FREE Quote we can discuss the details and come to an arrangement that suits you for a meeting, if needed.

We are happy to do a one off school window cleaning service, with a view to an ongoing contact set to a rota that works for the school year.

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