Shutter Cleaning for Lancashire
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Shutter Cleaning for Lancashire,

Roller shutters are a the perfect choice to safeguard your business premises, they provide intruder safe security and protection from vandals, which may smash your shop windows for fun causing stress and large repair expenses.

Apart from issues with intruders and vandals your roller shutters need to be well maintained. In order to ensure your roller shutters continue to protect your business for as long as possible, you will need to keep on top of the basic maintenance requirements.

It’s a Good Idea Preform Regular Checks

Your regular checks should include looking for any damage or weakness that could jeopardise the safety of you or your customers. Always look for signs of attempted forced entry, also general wear and tear or faults with the safety mechanism. Your rollers shutter should be functioning smoothly!


A build up of dirt or debris can case problems with the functioning of the roller shutter, it could become jerky and stop closing properly. To keep you shutters in good working order, clean them often, leaving them too long may mean having to replace them or having costly repairs.

If you want to give them a quick clean yourself – Use a stiff bristled brush, then hose them down. Use a sponge and a solution of warm water and mild soap to thoroughly remove any grime and then wipe them dry.
Do not attempt to use any abrasive cleaners or scrapers on your shutters as they can damage the surface. Use a lubrication on the rollers mechanisms to so they work smoothly and prevent them from rusting.

Repair any Faults

If your shutter has become damaged, ensure you have it repaired as soon as you can. A as small fault can worsen very quickly, putting the security of your business at risk, and maybe causing the door’s safety mechanism to fail.

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