Removing Graffiti / Vandalism from Shutters & Bricks Tips
Removing Graffiti / Vandalism from Shutter & Bricks Tips

Removing Graffiti Vandalism from your Property 

We all know to well that kids and sometimes adults have too much time on their hands and like to add graffiti anywhere they see a large canvas space. This maybe business shutters, walls and the front of buildings. Sometime the graffiti is very artistic and beautiful, but it has no place on any exterior without prior agreement.

Graffiti causes a major problem, as it not only vandalises your property, but it is very hard to get off.  Sometimes you can have a special coating applied when having the shutter installed; the coating can help with removal of vandalism.  However, sometimes that won’t help. With many years of experience and a professional team, I have put together some helpful tips…


Graffiti on brick surfaces – Unpainted brick surfaces are probably the toughest to get graffiti off

For brick surfaces, especially red brick, we recommend a professional cleanup, using a biodegradable emulsifier. This method minimizes the toll on the surface. It is generally too difficult to tackle a very rough surface with wire brushes and solvents as the finished job will still bear a fair amount of the evidence of the graffiti.

Painted surfaces are probably best repainted, though it would be wise to have a supply of graffiti removal solvent ready for rapid response

Having plenty of matching paint available for immediate cover-up within a day or two of the appearance of graffiti. Rapid response is the key.

  • For surfaces like mailboxes, utility boxes, steel roll-up doors, lampposts –  liquid graffiti removal solvent “Savogram” is a very good graffiti removal solution
  • If you clean the graffiti when it is fresh, it will be mush easier to removed and may only require some light duty steel wool and  spray of solvent
  • Very little solvent should be used if the graffiti is recent – Just spray on some solvent, lightly rub with steel wool and wipe dry.
  • Always wear rubber gloves and lightly wash the affected area after removing the graffiti
  • Always check the directions on any solvents to make sure they are OK to use on the surface you are cleaning

Graffiti on Metal Surfaces

  • Wipe the graffiti with any common paint thinner like WD40, lacquer thinner, acetone or try some graffiti removal products pr light penetrating oil
  • Or try rubbing cleaning it with steel wool or bronze wool / light sandpaper

Graffiti on Wood Surfaces

  • Rub paint thinner over the affected area
  • Try using a hand scraper to gently scrape the graffiti from your fence

Use the wire brush on:

Any surface where you use a wire brush should be a surface, that will over time, weather back to the original color or texture.

  • Some rough metals
  • Smooth stone surfaces
  • Decorative rocks
  • Wood fences
  • Concrete

Use Wire Wool:

  • Brick
  • Metal
  • Metal shutters

Graffiti removal is not a SIMPLE TASK, especially when it involves brick or other rough surfaces. You may only be able to reduce the graffiti to an unrecognisable fade.

Solvents and Cleaners

There are a number of graffiti removal products on the market. Learn about safe use and safe handling. Some of the better known solvents available at major hardware stores can be hazardous to your health. Breathing this stuff is obnoxious and NOT healthy. You need to be aware of wind conditions. You need eye and breathing protection when you use it. Rags used with solvent should be discarded properly. DO NOT KEEP FLAMMABLE RAGS in containers in your vehicle or garage.



That’s why we WFC Cleaning is here with tools, knowledge and experience to do a professional service. You can’t beat a professional graffiti removal service. WFC graffiti removal service use a pressure jet washing service that effectively has the power and heat to clean your graffiti away, with spacial nozzles depending on the surface. Using a pressure washer, you can quickly return your vandalized property to its original state leaving you to get on with your business.


CALL FOR A free quote… We will Google your property and let you know the price straight away with no obligations. We do a Great Service at a Great PRICE and you will be surprised how affordable it is to get rid of the unsightly graffiti defacing your property.

We always have special offers and we do have discounts for any returning customers.

Our Graffiti Removal services cover Burnley, Blackburn, Accrington, Clitheroe, Whalley, Gisburn, Padiham, Rossendale, Hebden Bridge, Brockhall Village, Skipton, Todmorden, Great Harwood, Darwen and the surrounding areas.

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graffiti cleaning Removing Graffiti / Vandalism from Shutter & Bricks Tips

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