New Year 2019 Clean Up
2019 window cleaning & gutter cleaning

Its that time of the year fresh start new beginning and a full clear out and clean up of the old. Cleaning up your home or business is a great feeling and January is the time to do it. This maybe getting all the old items you don’t use in your home or business and giving them away to charity or selling them to people that need them.

Having a good clear out always allows for the feel good factor to shine through and a sense of enjoyment to set in.

Inside and out side of you house or business premises. That means your WINDOWS, GUTTERS, WALLS, DRIVEWAY and any other areas that collect dirt or mess. Yes its time to really clean up and get the whole place looking good.


Window cleaning inside and out makes sure your windows are sparkling clean and best done by professionals if you want the job done fast and properly. This can be your home windows or business windows.


Gutters cleaning after the fall is a must with all the debris that has come from the winds and tree’s stuck in your gutters, this can block them from functioning properly and that can get worse if frost and ice set in.  Getting your gutters cleaned and checked is another priority you should have done in Jan or Feb and cleaning professionals are there to do the job right. Never try to do gutters yourself if you are unsure, as it can be dangerous  to your health and its easy to have an accident. Cleaning gutters is not a guessing game and professionals do it best.

Walkway, Driveways, Walls

Cleaning walkways and driveways, including walls is another task that should be done in Jan or Feb to get ready for the coming seasons with a clean start. Grease and moss looks ugly and its not the best look for your business entrance or your home.  Having the kids or grandchildren run around in unkept areas is also not much fun.

Lets make a New Years resolution and get these jobs done as soon as possible.

If you want a professional to do all your jobs quickly and safely,  give us a call today.

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By Bernadette Kyriacou