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WFC Hotel Window Cleaning

Hotel Window Cleaning that Shines!

Isn’t it a lovely feeling when you first get to your hotel unpack and enjoy the moment!

What does everybody do first? Yep your got it. You take a quick peek around the hotel room, shower room and of course you look out the window. What if the hotel windows were dirty, all weather stained and dusty? Perhaps fingerprints on the inside. Not a good look! Would it put you off?

Keeping your hotel windows looking good on the exterior is a must if you want to show customers that housekeeping is a priority to your business. A shabby kept hotel is a shabby business!

If you go to a hotel you expect it to be clean and well kept. Customers are easily put off by dirt and dust, especially if they’re there for a special occasion. You should always put yourself in the customers position to decide on what needs attention to keep them happy and feel special and cared for, as part of their stay.

All WFC Hotel Window Cleaning services are carried out by professional and skilled window cleaners with years of experience.
WFC window cleaning will also do inside your hotel windows, if you find it necessary because the inside windows are dirty too.

It does not need to cost a fortune to keep all your hotel windows looking clean and sparkling. WFC have very competitive prices and ongoing arrangements to keep your hotel windows looking great all year round, if you decide that is what you are looking for. WFC also do a one of hotel window cleaning service.

WFC Window Cleaning are fully insured with public liability insurance up to £5m, so you can rest assured and have piece of mind that we operate to the highest health and safety standards.

Our hotel window cleaning covers Burnley, Blackburn, Accrington, Clitheroe, Whalley, Gisburn, Padiham, Rossendale, Hebden Bridge, Brockhall Village, Skipton, Todmorden, Great Harwood, Darwen and the surrounding areas. Contact us


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