Hotel Guests Will Notice Dirty Windows Straight Away
Dirty Hotel Windows Burnley & Blackburn

Hotel Window Cleaning Burnley

When a hotels top attraction is its view, keeping the hotel windows clean has to be a main priority. Your Burnley hotel guests will look out the windows many times as part of their hotel stay.  Hotel guests will notice dirty windows straight away, especially if you have open views over Burnley Hills or Pendle Hill.

Having great views from a Burnley hotel is a top asset, so why would you compromise the standards and best qualities of your hotel, by letting hotel maintenance slip.

Hotel window cleaning is part of a hotels maintenance and should be done at least once a month to keep your hotel windows clean and dirt free. If your hotel property is close to the road you may need your windows done every two weeks and extra after a bad storm that has lifted the grit and dirt, from the ground and blown it onto your hotel windows.

Other elements to dirty hotel windows are fingerprints inside the windows. Guests just love touching and pointing out the windows, leaving lots of smudges and fingerprints. This can be cleaned by your hotel cleaner on a regular basis. No point in having clean windows outside if you don’t keep them clean inside. Does this all seem like a chore? It’s not, it’s simple! Get a good hotel window cleaning service and instruct your hotel cleaner to do checks regularly for dirty windows and clean the hotel windows as part of the normal housekeeping process.

Weather is the biggest challenge for hotel window cleaning, especially in the UK and towns like Burnley, as they suck in turbulent weather, with lots of sticky rain and grit from the hills, dirt tracks and small roads.

Guests take an interest in the way hotels look, before they book their stay and they like hotels with nice windows and over the years, glass has become an integral part of the architectural design of a variety of hotel buildings. Windows have become prominent architectural building features. Keeping them clean has become a priority and a bigger chore for housekeeping departments, but it must be done and your guests will appreciate it and you will get more bookings. So, all in all it’s a positive outlook.

When windows are clean, the smudge-free glass allows more natural light to filter into buildings, making for a more pleasant environment inside your hotel rooms.

WFC Commercial Window Cleaning Professionals

We don’t see window cleaning as a chore, we like to see through windows and clean them so they are gleaming and totally smear free. We can discuss your hotel window cleaning needs and come to the best arrangement for your business and your pocket. We use the very latest in window cleaning technologies to keep your premises looking their best. Our Water Fed Pole system uses highly purified water and a soft bristled brush to produce sparkling results and a clear, sparkling finish. This technique removes the need for potentially harmful chemicals and detergents, making our window cleaning service environmentally friendly.  Our Commercial hotel window cleaning service covers Burnley, Blackburn, Accrington, Clitheroe, Whalley, Gisburn, Padiham, Rossendale, Hebden Bridge and the surrounding areas.

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