WFC Conservatory Care Guide

Routine Conservatory Care and Cleaning

You already have your house windows cleaned every few weeks or month, so it only makes sense to incorporate your conservatory into your regular cleaning schedule. How much cleaning is required  for your conservatory depends on various elements, but conservatory can have a habit of getting dirtier than most other parts of the house. Especially in summer, as you use it more often and have friends and family calling in to visit.

  • Dust and dead flies can quickly build up beneath blinds, and the large surface area of glass tends to attract a great deal of dirt from bad weather and unwanted visits from birds.
  • Which means, you’ll likely need to clean your conservatory more intensively than the rest of your house at least once per week, particularly with regards to keeping the glass and blinds clean.

Caring For The Interior of your Conservatory

  • When choosing your new conservatory, it’s particularly important that you choose quality glazing, preferably along with the added protection of an insurance backed guarantee
  • Poor quality glazing with a low thermal transmittance can lead to increased condensation which, in turn, can lead to damp and mould
  • You can never expect to eliminate condensation entirely, but keeping condensation to a minimum will help to increase the lifespan of your conservatory and keep it a safer and a more area to relax in and enjoy

How Can Conservatory Condensation be Reduced

  • Particularly during cold weather, you should keep your conservatory as well-ventilated as possible
  • Keeping everything closed but heated during the winter, for example, is a sure way to promote condensation and mould growth
  • Keeping doors and windows open on occasion can help, but might not be practical in cold weather
  • Most conservatories should have trickle vents in the eaves or ridge or, if not, a small window or vent in the roof
  • Provided there is an airflow, it’s unlikely that condensation will ever become a problem
  • Its important to keep your conservatory well-ventilated for the first couple of months after being installed
  • Most manufacturers consider four to six weeks’ minimum to be an optimal drying-out period

Caring For Glazing

Conservatories are designed to bring the outdoors inside, so they quickly lose their appeal if the glass gets dirty. Cleaning your conservatory glazing is no different to cleaning your windows, although it can be a bit more complicated to clean the roof glazing. When cleaning your glazing, be sure to only use suitable glass-cleaning products, plenty of water and a non-abrasive cloth. Afterwards, use paper towel to dry the surfaces and give the windows a fresh shine.

  • If your conservatory features self-cleaning glazing, it will also take at least a week, depending on its exposure to UV radiation, to activate
  • It is imperative that you follow the manufacturer’s guidelines when caring for your glazing, lest you risk invalidating your warranty
  • In particular, be sure to avoid using any cleaning products that are not suitable, such as chemical products containing things like white spirit, silicone, bleach or any other abrasive particles
  • To prevent scratches, you should also avoid using any abrasive objects, such as steel wool or scouring pads, even if you are trying to get rid of a particularly stubborn stain.
  • Scratches or grazing that appear in the glazing should be treated with extra special care, particularly in the case of self-cleaning glass where the outermost layer can easily be damaged if you use the wrong cleaning methods.
  • For standard glass, you can sometimes use a specialised rubbing compound to get rid of smaller scratches, although you should contact your installer for advice specific to your glazing product.

Caring For Your Conservatory Gutters

  • Gutter and downspout maintenance is particularly important in  the UK where we  have a lot of rain, all your gutters should always be kept clear of debris to promote proper flow of water down the downspouts and into the drains

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