Commercial Window Cleaning at the Right Price
Commercial window Cleaning at the RIGHT PRICE

Commercial Window Cleaning at the Right Price

We are a commercial window cleaning service that knows how to do a quality window clean for our NEW customers or REGULAR customers.

We take pride in the service we offer and we are happy to work around the hours and needs of your business. Over the years, we have undertaken many window cleaning projects large and small and always do our best to do a quality window cleaning service no matter what the price or how big the job is.

The price of our commercial window cleaning service is very competitive and much lower, than most of the other commercial window cleaning company prices. We work in a professional team and provide commercial window cleaning for businesses throughout Lancashire, which includes, Burnley, Blackburn, Pendle, Rawtenstall, Clitheroe, Skipton, Accrington and surrounding areas.

All our quotes are FREE and the price you are quoted does not change unless you want to add extra cleaning services. It’s easy for you to get a price that suits you and your budget for a one off clean or an ongoing contract.

We can decide on the window cleaning method that best suits the design and size of your windows. If you have many businesses, then we can do a block window cleaning contract, that will include all your properties, whether its houses you rent out, or shops, petrol stations, showrooms, hotels etc… we will find the perfect solution and the best price to suit your budget.

It is important to keep your windows clean, as nobody likes to see an unkempt and dirty windows; it looks bad and unprofessional and it shows what type of character you are and how you look after your business.

We also do deep cleaning of window sills and frames, which are harder to do the first time, but much easier as the cleaning becomes regular. We specialise in cleaning uPVC window frames and no job is too tough, we use the best products to do the job right. When we do your FREE Quote, we will discuss these items and find the best solution.

The best thing to do is call or email us with your enquiry and we will be happy to answer your questions.

Contact us. If you don’t see your location and its in the Lancashire area GIVE US A CALL:07940575999


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