Just waiting to get inside and breed

For many homeowners, summer means you spend more time outdoors. Lounging on the porch or perhaps entertaining friends on the patio. The warmest months bring many opportunities for us all to get outside and have a little fun. Unfortunately, as much as we love the summer, mosquitoes love them even more. These hovering, stinging pests are nothing new and it’s probably impossible to eliminate mosquitoes completely. Unfortunately there’s a chance without realising it, you’ve been allowing mosquitoes and bugs to breed and thrive in your gutter. These little pests cause itchy bites and you may need to accept some of the blame yourself, if you have blocked gutters.

Most mosquitoes stay within a few miles of where they were born. So the mosquitoes terrorising your home and garden probably didn’t come from down the block or the next town over, they probably originated from your own home from the gutters. Knowing that standing water can be a breeding ground, we cover bins and stow away empty planters. But according to professionals, it takes only about a tablespoon of water for mosquito eggs to hatch. If mosquitoes can multiply virtually anywhere even a tiny amount of water collects.; imagine somewhere you actually expect moisture, and lots of it like in your gutters and downspouts.

Gutters exist to perform an important role and capture rainwater; collecting it and letting it drain off down the down-pipe and away from the home. In theory, it’s all simple and straightforward, but in practice, conventional gutters are dogged by such things as fallen leaves and loose twigs. In time, that debris accumulates and ultimately blocks the free flow of water within your gutters. Once your gutter are clogged they become precisely the sort of damp environment in which mosquitoes and pests to breed. The problem isn’t even confined to the gutters, because with nowhere else to go, rainwater usually ends up pooling on the ground. Besides being potentially damaging to the home, such pools create yet another prime breeding ground for mosquitoes and other pests.

Mosquitoes are the most immediately annoying of the insects that hatch and thrive in standing water, but other pest arrive to breed too.  Carpenter ants and termites arrive to destroy your gutters, literally eating through wood trim and framing; both insects are commonly found, like mosquitoes, in clogged-up, debris-filled gutters breeding destruction to your home.

Annual Gutter Cleaning

In the past, many homeowner cleaned their gutters twice-annually, as regular cleaning is the best way to keep gutters clear of debris and pests. As long as homeowners remembered and found the time and energy to do it, they could prevent gutters from creating infestations. However, despite the critical importance of gutter maintenance, many people forget or put it off.  Unwilling to do the work themselves or to hire a professional, countless homeowners neglect their gutters every year, leaving their systems to become damp, damaged and invested with pests and bugs.

Today, for those who’d prefer never having to think about gutters, they have professionals clean their gutter at least once a year and twice depending on the environment they live in. This sounds expensive, but it really is a lot cheaper than leaving your gutter to become damaged, which will mean they don’t function properly, leaving your home to become damp and a breeding ground for pests and overgrowth. This can further lead to problems like mold growth, roof leaks, and damage to your home’s sidings. 

Other problems with arising from neglected gutters 


Luckily these pests can be easily detected if they’re hiding in your gutters because they are easy to hear. They usually invade homes in autumn, and they can get inside your home through even the tiniest hole. When they’re in your gutters, they are searching for a way to come inside. Once they do get inside, they breed quickly, and some even carry diseases.

Bees, Hornets, and Wasps

These pests are the most common gutter invaders because they crave the damp, moist environment. If there is a nest, they can become aggressive and attack to defend their habitat. The heavy weight of the nest can also cause structural damages, so it’s important to call a professional to remove it.


If you want to make your gutters bird-free, we recommend installing a birdhouse nearby to attract them to a different area.

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