Removing Graffiti / Vandalism from Shutter & Bricks Tips

Removing Graffiti / Vandalism from Shutters & Bricks Tips

Removing Graffiti Vandalism from your Property  We all know to well that kids and sometimes adults have too much time on their hands and like to add graffiti anywhere they see a large canvas space. This maybe business shutters, walls and the front of buildings. Sometime the graffiti is very artistic and beautiful, but it […]

Shutter Cleaning Services

Did You Know we do Shutter Cleaning

 Introducing our Roller Shutter Cleaning Services. Our Shutter Cleaning Service is available to clean inside and out of your window roller shutters. Most roller shutters are used for shop and commercial property, but some customers have them for other reasons. Holiday homes, hotel car parks, entrances. Looking after Your Roller Shutters Commercial roller shutters are […]


Power Jet Washing Commercial & Domestic 10% 0ff

Power Jet Washing is like MAGIC!! The difference is extreme and the results outstanding. Walls, Driveways, Decking needs to be kept clean to look good and to add value to your home. We all know they get extremely dirty, stained, mossy and discoloured. Sometimes a garden hose, soap and elbow grease just aren’t enough for things […]

Window Cleaning Dangerous Job

  What Makes a Good Window Cleaner and How Dangerous is their job? Window cleaning can be one of the most dangerous jobs in the world, it’s not an easy job and to do a good job and keep safe, you need to be a professional and know the risks and rules. You need to […]